nice to meet you

Hi there, my name is David
and I'm a UI designer
painter of digital things

I’m a User Interface designer from Nigeria currently pushing pixels and churning out code at Relay. I believe there’s already so much clutter in the world, especially in these parts where I come from so I always seek to communicate more with less in my designs. With my mouse for a paint brush and my artboard for a canvas, I enjoy working with clients to translate their stories into epic experiences that users love.

When I’m not in front of a computer painting, I could be found reading a book, enjoying good music, admiring a delightful photo or being fascinated by a work of art.

Oh, lest I forget, my full name is David Olaoluwa Afolayan. You'd find me almost everywhere on the internet as thekinglaolu (in case you've been wondering that's where "tkl" was derived from).You can contact me via email on